Say "God! It's Me"

Don't let any life go unheard!
God! Its me is a project to preserve lives. A billion to be exact, one life at a time.
Each life is a story worthy to live forever. Join us.
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A Life will end, a story will live forever!

The idea behind God! It’s Me is simple yet timeless – to defeat death and preserve a life, even one life. Maybe yours?


So how can you, the web and a mobile app defeat death?


We are all going to die, that’s a nobrainer. And it’s when we realize we are nearer to death that our memories and connection to God grow more powerful. Death has a way of doing that. It’s only then we start to seriously contemplate everything, from our most memorable successes to our most miserable failures. And how often have you, as a care provider, a son or a daughter, heard the stories of love, work, friendships, ambitions and the unrealized dreams that form the tapestry of a grandparent, a dying spouse or a child? Realizing at that moment that this life will forever be silent.


Each life is joy, sadness and pain, success and failure. Its all a part of who we are. These experiences are deeply personal, and they are unique to each of us. The world population of billions is made up of an individual who has a name, a face, and a life worthy of preserving.


Together, with the God! itsME story telling app we will preserve in video, audio, and pictures the experiences, even personal secrets of a billions of lives, one life at time. Every year 10’s of millions of lives and voices are forever silenced and lost to future generations. But it does not have to be.


Joining God!itsME lets you and millions like you forever immortalize a billion lives and billions more stories. And no one is more suited to be the super-hero in this story than you, the professional care provider collecting and sharing those last thoughts and a final declaration of “God! Its ME. This was my life.


No one live lived is less or more important to God. The same should be true for us.


Join God! its Me.


God! It’s Me, Michael.

The Founder

God! It's me, Barbara!

“Barbara is an 85 year old widow, the grandma of three, a mother of two. Barbara lives alone. Her children come to visit only a few times a year. Mostly on special occasions, when they don’t have other plans.”

God! It's me, Laurel!

“Laurel is 28 years old. Still single. She graduated university with a degree in literature. When she’s not teaching Laurel volunteers to bring food, compassion and a friendly ear to the sick, the old and the dying. Laurel hears stories from so many lives. One story is Barbara”

Barbara and Laurel

” Every Thursday Laurel brings a warm meal and a smile to Barbara. And Barbara rewards Laurel with a story of a life well lived. Today as Laurel leaves Barbara she considers how tragic it is that one day soon Barbara and her stories would be lost forever.”

Barbara and Laurel

“One Thursday Laurel sits with Barbara and looks into Barbara’s eyes with an excited smile on her face. Taking the cell phone from her purse Laurel asks Barbara if she would like to record a video message telling God! Its Me Barbara, I have a life to share. Barbara laughs when Laurel explains she is telling God the story, but its for the whole world to hear and to remember. Inspired Barbara remembers her husband, Frank. How they met and fell in love as children, “God! Its Me Barbara 75 years ago I missed the school bus, and so did Frank….” Laurel hangs on every word as she records Barbara.”

Barbara and Laurel

Barbara finished her story with eyes full of tears. Laurel takes her phone and saves Barbara’s life to the cloud. Barbara laughs, telling Laurel how unimportant and insignificant she is, there so many rich and famous people. Laurel interrupts Barbara and reminds her that she was telling God It’s me Barbara. In God’s eyes we are all the same. Barbara would soon leave us. But not her voice, her smiling eyes and her love Frank. Twenty eight or more lives are lost In the time it took to read this. One day that will be me and you.

“God! It’s me.”

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Preserve stories. Extend lives.